bloodhound thinking that we should all stop using nexa script typeface

Please stop using Nexa Script typeface before it becomes the next Papyrus. Use these instead.

This is Nexa Script:

nexa script font typeface

It’s a nice typeface. It’s ideal for grabbing attention with a marketing tagline or opt-in offer, seeming friendly and casual without being hand-drawn and folksy. Which is why it’s used by every corporation everywhere to sell anything, especially fast food companies and restaurants—companies who can afford to hire really talented designers who should know better.

It’s so overused that it’s becoming the new Papyrus. I’m sure that at some point we all thought Papyrus was kinda cool. Of all the default-installed Microsoft typefaces, it was the one that stood out as a specialty typeface, as something you might use for a business logo. So, everyone did. Every small business owner not able to or wanting to hire a designer decided they could make their own business logo using Paint on their desktop and Papyrus. I once stood on a street corner in Kalamazoo, Michigan and was able to see from this one vantage point three businesses all using Papyrus as their logo:

The whole point of a logo is to be recognizable as a unique business identity, so this pained me. So much pain.

During this trip, I grabbed about six more photos of Papyrus being used for logos, book titles, and more, in one afternoon. Because I’m a designer and a masochist.

Then, partly thanks to blogs like this, we managed to mostly do this:

Devil in Jar

Here are photos I’ve taken, all in about a two-week period, without trying, of Nexa Script being used somewhere on an item. There were more photo ops, too, just out of my reach, used on a commercial playing while I sat jaw agape in a dentist’s chair, or on a billboard  I saw while driving. Every day, I spot Nexa Script somewhere.

There are a million-katrillion fonts one could use. I understand that big companies can afford to do testing and that certain typefaces test well, but it starts to become insulting on the general public and makes the world visually tedious for us all. Or at least for me.

Designers who can afford to push back with corporations? Do so! Please refuse to use this typeface any longer! Why is it good for different restaurants’ advertisements to all look alike?

So, here are some possible typefaces that could work in place of Nexa Script. If you skip the decorative glyphs, they can potentially work for basic corporate stuff, the same way Nexa Script is used.

There. I needed to get that off my chest. Please spread the word.

Natasha Clark, Partner at Risk Creative. Republication is welcome only with attribution and a direct link to Thank you in advance for good behaviour. 🙂


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